About us

Small Beginnings

About us

Bougos Family

Faros Tavern is the best choice for anyone looking for good food in a beautiful and intimate environment. For over 30 years, and passing on hands of the second family’s generation, our tavern continues to offer authentic tastes through traditional Greek cuisine, with value for money. All fully harmonized in an ideal location, with magnificent sea view and incredible sunset which will excite you.

The beginning

It all began in Arkoudi, back in 1987 when Bougos' family had a vision of a new entertainment destination in Greece; a place where people could get together, free and comfortable to express themselves and have the time of their lives.

The dream

They dreamed of creating a venue that would inspire the feeling of freedom, self expression and pleasure in a bohemian air. Their idea was to reinvent Greek Style combining innovation with classic elegance in the original concept of charming informality.

Our Place